Plugin v1.0.2, 05.04.2024

The plugin shows nice summary previews on mouseover/tap of linked Wikipedia articles.
12/2021 we released a version that works on any website/web application, not only for WordPress sites but during an update we decided to make it available to the users of the most used CMS.


Try it out

The «Summary box for Wikipedia links» plugin in action with different languages and text direction:
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Settings & features

:: Very simple approach (code and integration).
:: Works with touch & mouse, on mobile & desktop.
:: Works with any language, ltr (left-to-right) & rtl.
:: Immediately after activating the plugin, all links to Wikipedia articles magically become preview boxes.
:: Works also on any popular website & web app not only on WordPress sites! See the project page.
:: Some nice, slight animations and marks Wikipedia links with a nice superscript “W” letter.
:: Customizable: box width, text length, font size, and many more.
:: Wikipedia links remain html links in the source (SEO).
:: Does not affect your website in any way.
:: Open Source, GPLv3, GitHub repository.


What it does and how to integrate it into any website in minutes (seconds).

Note: MediaWiki has created a similar plugin called Wikipedia Preview ( Our approach is much simpler and also turns existing Wikipedia links into ones with a summary preview. «Summary box for Wikipedia links» and MediaWiki’s “Wikipedia preview” can even go together with some interesting effects!

News & Updates

05.04.2024: Version 1.0.2, updating for WP 6.5 compatibility, some minor text updates
25.11.2023: Version 1.0.1, added missed allowed tag in the summary box (Wiki API data, <sup>)
20.11.2023: The Plugin passed the review and is now available here in the official WordPress directory! Initial version 1.0.0, 21.11.23
01.11.2023: We have made some updates and submitted the plugin back to the review team. We hope to be listed in the official WP Plugin Directory ( in the middle of during november 2023.
22.10.2023: Today we received an email from the “WP Plugin Directory” with instructions to do a 4-point self check of the plugin, after that the plugin will be reviewed. All reviews are done by volunteers!
15.08.2023: Actually the plugin is in the WordPress review queue. It may take some time (63 days) for this process to be completed and the plugin will appear in the official plugin directory, expected initial review first week of october 23.

Dominik Fehr,
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